Any Time is the Right Time for Halftime!®

Chicago is a pizza town, and among the many legendary Chicagoland pizza spots is Halftime Bar and Grill where in 1993 the famous Halftime Pizza recipe was created. Halftime Pizza is known for it's fresh ingredients, commitment to quality, and hearty, tangy, always delicious flavor. In 2009 Halftime began marketing original Halftime Frozen Pizza in locations throughout Chicagoland. Since Halftime Pizza is available in grocery stores and cooked at home, for many years thousands upon thousands of Chicagoans have lived the Halftime mantra, Anytime is the Right Time for Halftime! In 2017, Champion Foods acquired the Halftime Frozen Pizza brand, and now manufactures and distributes Halftime Pizza along side our namesake Champion Pizza. 

Champion Pizza and Halftime Pizza, two distinct tastes, two superior quality pizzas!