Where’s the box?

For decades, Champion Pizza was packaged with a smaller label so customers could see the quality of the pizza they were buying. “Why hide our pizza?“, was the Champion way.

Over the years, with advancements in retail lighting, foods exposed to new lighting could fade, rather than use strong artificial food coloring to offset this effect, Champion moved to a full paper label to cover and protect our pizzas; but no box! Why no box?!? 

The simple answer: Waste & Energy.

It’s more complicated than simply the obvious paper waste.*

Frozen Pizza boxes nearly double the space necessary to store, transport and display the pizza. And the space is Freezer Space!

It takes a LOT of energy to keep freezers, well, freezing. Freezers in a manufacturing facility. Freezers on distribution trucks and grocery warehouses. Freezers on retail floors, and freezers at home. All that extra freezer space to freeze: a box.

Increasingly, the trend is with us. Grocery product buyers are telling us pizza boxes have a negative impact on sustainability policies within their companies. Boxes may look nice, but are an unnecessary waste.

* While requirements vary from one recycling center to another, generally frozen food boxes are not considered recyclable! For example, see the State of Illinois recycling guidelines at: